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Football – Soccer so is the most popular sport in the world. Although often this sport is practiced at the amateur level, appropriate training is a necessary component in order to make the most of their skills during the games and to be able to get good results. Obviously, the type of training depends on the level at which the sport wants to be practiced.
Below I will show you some general guidelines that will show you the essential elements to be considered in order to obtain adequate preparation.

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A soccer training must take into account two fundamental elements: the physical training and exercise technical and tactical.
The physical preparation is carried out with the aim to enhance the performance from the point of view of the speed, force, strength and joint mobility.
The technical-tactical training aims to improve the mastery of basic skills and strategies of the game through targeted exercises.
The general structure of a training session is divided into three phases: heating, central part (physical, technical and tactical training) and cool down.


The heating is absolutely a must especially to prevent injuries and should have a minimum duration of 20 minutes.
In this step, you perform exercises with and without the ball aimed at increasing your heart rate and set in motion the muscles of the body that will be subject to higher efforts. The important thing is that this should happen gradually.
Typical warm-up exercises may include: slow running, stretching, lunges of the lower limbs, and rallies.


As said the physical training of a player must be directed towards improving speed, strength, endurance and mobility.
In the choice of exercises to be done in this direction, it is necessary to keep in mind the types of effort and movement that the athlete will perform during games. How to prepare athletically deepening of the Juniors Football 11 (click here)
As an example, consider that the race of a player will never be over extended periods of time, but marked by sudden movements and changes of direction.
To improve performance, you can then do: racing repeated distance of 1 km alternated with periods of rest for a couple of minutes, ran short high-intensity exercise with weight overhead, hill climbs, jumps multiple times on one leg or leg alternating , repeated sprints with changes of direction, plyometrics followed by sprint, simulation of technical gestures made ​​during games, workout at the gym


Perform exercises aimed at improving the fundamental technical and tactical is another essential element.
A player must be able to run the ball to the foot, making precise passes and every type of shot, get the ball without problems, hit the head, come into conflict on the opponent, perform kicks and throw-ins, starting in dribbling and Acquaintances of the right moves to be done during the game.
To improve these aspects there is only one simple way: to make every gesture repeatedly aspiring to get closer and closer to perfection.
To train the dribbling you can for example draw a line by placing the cones on the ground at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Once settled, just zigzagging their internal albatross.
A good way, however, to coach a football team to the movements to be carried out during games, is to divide the players into two teams and let him perform these movements allowing the ball to be passed by hand.


The keeper having an atypical role within a football team, carries out trainings completely different from the rest of the team: it has to refine his techniques of blocking, socket and recovery.


The cool-down exercises at the end of the training session serve to gradually slow the heart rate after a high intensity workout (this way you avoid cardiac complications) and to encourage the disposal of the acids produced by the muscles during exercise.
To make a good cool-down, you can make a mild jog, run bodyweight movements and a bit ‘of stretching.

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